About STHU Juice

Shut The Hell Up Juice was birth while I was on my previous radio show on 92.7 KISS FM, in Charlottesville Va called The Ball Hawk Show.  While talking about Cowboys fans love for Tony Romo, I just told them to drink some "Shut The Hell Up Juice" about all his various accolades.  I remember radio personality Charlamagne Tha God always telling people to Shut The Hell Up Forever, and I made a play on that line and created Shut The Hell Up Juice.  I didn't think anything of the phrase when I said it, yet later that week I could remember various people making facebook post tagging me to let me know they loved that phrase.  Now the #STHUJuice movement has grown to it's own hashtag and now clothing apparel.  So when the next time someone is providing false information, bragging too much about their sports team, or just getting on your last nerves, serve them #STHUJuice